Secure diffuse computing

Teachers: Berry / Serrano / Boudol / Rezk / Castellani

Team involved: Indes (INRIA)

Diffuse computing deals with distributed applications in highly heterogeneous networks. Current web applications may span multiple devices such as classical computers, TV sets, mobile phones, smart sensors, each of which has its own language and communication protocol. The heterogeneity of technologies used to build diffuse applications is currently visible at the conception and programming level, and increases their vulnerability to security attacks. Implementing today diffuse applications requires engineers to use a vast set of hardly compatible technologies, tools and languages. The HOP language developed by the INDES team is a proposal to develop applications within a unique formalism. The goal of this course is to introduce execution environments and tools that embrace the development of diffuse applications inside a global and coherent approach. The domain of this approach ranges from models of parallelism and security, to compilation and implementation of languages for diffuse computing.



December, 17th, 9h.
All documents authorized and may be the computer.

Schedule and notes

Wednesdays from 9h to 12h.

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