Peer to peer applications: class #13

In case anybody forgot - we are supposed to prepare slides for a 10 minutes presentation on any subject for this lecture. We are not going to present it - it's just for us to see whether we do any serious mistakes when preparing them.

The advice


I found those few points noteworthy:

  • Clearly show focus
  • Prepare backup slides - for the questions
  • Reherse with colleagues
  • Drop slides that you show for <30s
  • Use outline slides to summarize previous section and introduce next
  • For each figure or equation explain all axis, symbols and parameters (or drop)
  • Never go backwards in your presentation (jump by one is barely acceptable)
  • NEVER EXCEED YOUR ALLOCATED TIME - drop full sections (but not conclusion)
  • Refolmulate the questions
  • Give concise answers, don't start discussion on place (invite for lunch)
  • Never bluff or lie
  • Pause for 2-3s before important messages
  • Never read slides or notes
  • Show enthusiasm
  • Never look at the slides on the main screen, use appropriately placed laptop
  • Prepare your presentation for 95% of the allocated budget
  • Ask beforehand what are the dressing customs in the audience community
Unclear, need to ask the teachers, since most is obviously derived works.