Middleware for Ubiquitous Computing

Ubiquitous computing is an intermediate paradigm between network computing and exotic computing, in which mobile phones, home-based information appliances, car navigation systems, video games machines will be linked by broadband wired and wireless network. Alan Kay of Apple calls this "Third Paradigm" computing. Friedemann Mattern, explains this trend from four technological reasons: miniaturization of devices, new materials, progress in communication technologies and better sensors. Anyway, ubiquitous computing introduces new challenges in the software engineering domain leading to numerous innovations for middleware. In this course, we present current approaches already introduced for the software design of applications on mobile devices. Then, we introduce the main research work led on the topic preparing the future of ubiquitous computing like, multi-device and wearable computing, context-awareness and adaptive middleware.


  • Jean-Yves Tigli (Rainbow, I3S)
  • Stéphane Lavirotte (Rainbow, I3S)
  • Gaëtan Rey (Rainbow, I3S)
  • Annie Ressouche (Pulsar, INRIA)
  • Mélaine Gautier (ValorPACA)

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