Evolving Internet: Architectural Challenges

The Internet has grown from a research curiosity to something we all rely on daily. It has been able to withstand rapid growth fairly well and its core protocols have been robust enough to accommodate numerous applications that were unforeseen by the original Internet designers. How does this global network infrastructure work and what are the design principles on which it is based? How do we ensure that it will work well in the future in the face of future demands? What are the new protocols and services that have been proposed to enhance the Internet architecture? These are some questions that we will grapple with in this course. The main topics that will be addressed in this course include : Internet routing architecture, end-to-end protocol architecture and middle-boxes, mobility and challenged networks, congestion control and quality of service, traffic engineering and network coding, network security, traffic monitoring, evaluation methodology (simulations and experimentations).


  • Prof. Walid Dabbous (Planète INRIA)
  • Prof. Chadi Bakarat (Planète INRIA)

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