Compute and Data Grids: Large Scale Distributed Systems

Grids are large scale distributed infrastructures leveraging on the high performance networks to federate computing, data and scientific resources from multiple institutions interconnected through the Internet. Grid technologies have undergone a very fast evolution these last years and the infrastructure deployed has become a critical tool in many scientific disciplines. This course describes the foundation of grids. It introduces the main computing models exploited with grids to evolve from cluster computing towards more virtualized resources and across-institutional user communities. The main problems encountered when deploying such very large scale infrastructures are discussed: users identification and authorization, security of data and computations, heterogeneity of resources, redundancy and fault tolerance, deployment, management, and computation flow control… The most wide spread technologies and their associated middlewares are reviewed. Several examples illustrate the concepts introduced.


  • Prof. Caromel (Oasis, INRIA/I3S)
  • Prof. Montagnat (Modalis, I3S)


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Old Exams Info (2010)

Part 1 (Prof. Caromel). All materials allowed during the exam. 3 hours. Questions about practical ProActive usage.
Part 2 (Prof. Montagnat). All materials allowed during the exam. 2 hours.

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