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Now that it seems that the dates for the exams are settled, here's a digest:

Date Course Notes
Friday, 04/12 14h-17h Algorithms for telecommunications All documents given during the lectures authorized, your personal notes also authorized but computers and extra books or other documents not authorized. The exam will concern all the 7th first lectures (including that of November 20th) and including home work.
Friday, 04/12 Deadline Chord assignment Up to Sunday might be OK.
Monday, 07/12 09h30-12h Performance evaluation of networks All documents/Books/etc authorized. No electronic equipment.
Monday, 14/12 16h-18h Compute and data grids All material and computers allowed!
Thursdat, 17/12 09h-12h Secure diffuse computing All documents authorized and may be the computer.

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Unclear, need to ask the teachers, since most is obviously derived works.